i just want a backpack full of random books, a street dog and freedom :( i don’t need anything in life other than this, i would be so happy and i would never look back

2012 Personal Project

My personal project for this year is something meaningless and useless, but with this maybe i can get some people to like more poetry and literature or at least raise some smiles in random stranger faces, most people are worried because of all that 2012 shit about the end of the world, personally i don’t believe in that so maybe this can calm some people down, books are like friends, and my purpose this year is to start writing poetry, and every once in a while i’ll go to random book stores (specially the ones that sell used books) and i’ll leave between the pages of my favorite books and also random books some anonymous poems made by myself, because maybe someone out there can understand the way i feel if i express it in a poem, and this may be the best way to get into the hearts of the people i don’t know but that i like, maybe out there there’s another loner like me thinking about the same things i do, just waiting for a sign, and it would be good if i’m the sign for anything, i would love to cheer people up in that way, so they can feel they belong to something, to the art, to the words.

Maybe some of you may think this sounds stupid, and yes it is but i have nothing better to do and i would really love if one day i could find a piece of poetry written by someone else, i’ll put my words in little pieces of paper between used books so people don’t think i’m being rude, well this is what i want to do, hopefully somebody will like my words, maybe i can raise some smiles, or they can use them as bookmarks.

It would be awesome if somebody from tumblr could read this and do the same at their local book stores or in a local library, i have done it before but only with small notes, an it feels good, but for now i’ll start next week.

El guardian entre el centeno J.D. Salinger

Letters from the inside by John Marsden, the latest book i have read, it’s pretty awesome

The reason I will never buy an eReader.


This truly breaks my heart

I pledge to read the printed word

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Buscando a Alaska, Looking for Alaska, i love this cover

Una de mis partes favoritas de Looking For Alaska

All My Friends Are Dead - Avery Monsen and Jory John


Books (by Dani Padgett)